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Final proposal

  1. overview
    1. Introduction ("what is Yade")
    2. News
    3. Screenshots and videos
    4. Contact us (ML, IRC, bug tracker)
    5. Publications on SDEC/Yade
  2. User's guide
    1. Installation
    2. First steps
    3. Usage details (command line, python, QtGUI)
    4. How it works Model (bodies, interaction, laws of physics, reactions)
  3. Physics behind
    1. DEM (and DEM with local moment rotation law)
    2. lattice
    3. references (scientific papers on DEM etc.; they should be cited also in relevant sections, though...)
  4. Developer's guide
    1. Framework architecture
      1. Overview
        1. Bodies, Interactions, PhysicalActions, Engines
      2. Containers
      3. Multimethods, Serialization, Plugins
    2. Extending yade examples
      1. MyTetrahedron
      2. HangingCloth
      3. Finite Element method
    3. Coding
      1. guidelines
      2. Version numbering
    4. Debugging & profiling
      1. valgrind (kcachegrind)
      2. gprof (profiler)
    5. Doxygen reference
    6. development resources: on linux, c++, svn, python, ...
  5. Core Developer's guide
    1. Yade architecture
    2. svn read-write access, link to svn mini-howto
    3. future plans,
      1. roadmap/schedule?
      2. Renaming classes
      3. simulation loop improvements
      4. multithreading containers
      5. recording simulation results
      6. switching to boost Serialization, Plugins, Multimethods (to reduce usage of reinvented-wheel yade libraries and remove Loki)


Yet to be categorized

  1. Overview ─ Framework overview
    1. Architecture
    2. Focus, capabilies, limitations
    3. Comparisons to other code
    4. Tentative future plans

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Stuff written so far (to be linked from menu)

Pages not linked

Discussion with Przewdnik

  1. Developer guide
    1. Model (more details about bodies, laws of physics, interaction, reactions -> tell which class does what, and their class interface, where to put a new class and how to write it. describe how to write filegenrator. explain serialziation of scene.xml - maybe he wants to create xml files in some other way)
    2. Add own physics law...
  1. Core developer guide
    1. Yade architecture
    2. Future plans


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