From Yade

YADE is an Open Source GNU/GPL Software framework designed with dynamic libraries in a way that it is easy to add new numerical models for simulation. It aims to provide versatile means to perform discrete modelling.

Various different methods and algorithms for numerical simulations currently exist. Yade tries to extract their underlying abstractions.

Currently there are two physically complete models:

  • Discrete Element Method (Open DEM) based on spheres, and
  • Lattice Geometrical Model based on rods.

And three models are under development:

  • Discrete Model based on Tetrahedra,
  • Finite Element Method (FEM, [2]) that uses Tetrahedra elements, and
  • Simple Mass Spring based on springs.

Those abstractions are implemented in C++ conforming to Object Oriented design principles. They provide interface to plug-in different modelling methods. Yade framework is intended to also work with other numerical methods than those mentioned above.

The development of this open source software is mostly funded in 3SR lab - Grenoble University, France. Although its physical modelling (the actual formulas) are fairly complete, the program documentation and interface needs improvement and is being worked on as well.