From Yade

A benchmark was performed to compare yade on AMD32 and AMD64 platform.

The test was done on lattice model, a square 2d specimen subject to uniaxial extension, lasting around 14 hours. Each test was performed twice, and average was calculated. It is possible that DEM results would be different.

The processor AMD 4600+ was used in the test, yade was compiled with the same options on both platforms, maximum optimization and double precision. It is important to note that in 64 bit environment pointers are twice that big (32 bits vs. 64 bits), this results in bigger memory consumption. The longest test took 52333 seconds. The results here are presented in percents, so they are easier to read.

RAM used Memory speed MHz
Single channel
667 MHz
Dual channel
667 MHz
32 bits 350 MB 100.0 % 107.6 %
64 bits 550 MB 103.5 % 115.1 %