From Yade

Milestone 1 (completed: September 2004)

Initial version of yade framework Done
SimpleSpring RigidBody, spherical element for testing (explicit calculations) Done
Plugin support (ClassFactory, class Factorable) Done
Easy extensibility for arbitrary element type (class Serialization) Mostly Done
XML Serialization Done
Interaction support between different physical models (Multimethods) Done
Add new physical element type, Cloth (mass spring system, explicit) for testing multimethods and interactions Done
Implicit Cloth, to test framework extensibility Postponed
FEM beam element, explicit, to test framework extensibility Done
SDEC element, explicit, to test framework extensibility Done
Their interactions (collisions and glueing) Mostly Done
Complete doxygen documentation reference Half Done

Milestone 2 (completed: June 2005)

Load FEM mesh from file (gmsh or netgen) Done
Start documentation - explain Yade priciples, ideas and design Done
Start documentation - explain how to use Yade as easy framework for physical modelling Done
Start documentation - explain adding plugins Done
Start documentation - explain preprocessing, postprocessing and debugging Done
Yade runs without a GUI Done
Add automatic plugin detection Done
Start adding serious elements: SDEC with rotation conserved, traingle-cylinder-sphere, SDEC cubical, Finite Element Method various elements, Lattice Beam model Done (started)
Start resolving their interactions Done (started)
End complete redesign of Yade, based on previous experience. Done
Split Yade into packages and decide how directory structure looks like. Done

Milestone 3

Release beta version of yade framework Done
Release documentation (initial version) Done
GUI to build time loop with actors Ongoing
Compare speed of DEM in yade with totally unextensible, focused on speed spherical dem simulator (to see the cost of extensibility) Ongoing
Binary Serialization Done
Split class PhysicalParameters to classes State and PhysicalParameters Todo
Rewrite Interaction Containers, so that they can store interaction between any number of bodies (currently only two (bi-associative) are supported) Todo
Clean part that loads VRML files as FEM mesh (exported from blender) Ongoing
Clean FEM in yade using new Interaction Containers Todo
Split DEM calculations into: HookesLaw, ElasticContactLaw, ElasticBondLaw Mostly Done
Resolve license problems of Magic Software math library, for example with math library from OpenSceneGraph Ongoing
Add Scriptable interface to automatically perform unit tests, and also fully operate from command line Todo
Add two virtual functions to plugin interface: string longDescription() and string shortDescription(), and yade can print information about them from within the GUI Todo

Milestone 4

Save/Load configurations in File Generator dialog box Todo
Add InteractionMatrix as another way to store interactions Todo
Gas Example, Lennard-Jones Forces Todo
Add GridCollider to compare it with existing Sweep and Prune Collider Todo
Display graphical inheritance tree of all loaded plugins Todo
Perform benchmarks to compare speed of different revisions, and learn from that what changes are making slower/faster code Todo
Perform (more) unit tests, to verify that working with code does not infer with the calculation results Todo
Investigate again concept of 'parameters singleton', to see if it's still suitable Todo
Use physical units, from boost::units library Todo
Explore disturbed computing capabilities of yade (should make yade faster than unextensible, focused on speed spherical dem simulator) Todo

Milestone 5

GUI gives better control over the model, possibly add preprocessing capabilities to GUI Ongoing
Possibly split yade into yade_server and yade_gui, or another way to prepare yade for multiprocessor/disturbed calculations Todo
Easier preprocessing of data, import objects from blender, gmsh, netgen, autocad, dxf Todo
yade_server communicates with yade_gui over the network Todo
yade_server uses multiple processors Todo
yade is doing calculations using disturbed computing Todo

Milestone 5

not planned yet