0.11.0 Release Todo

From Yade

  1. [DONE] check the build on fedora Fedora Installation
  2. [doesn't work, unknown linking problem] check the build on gentoo Gentoo Installation
  3. [DONE?] Strictly use Body::id_t everywhere instead of signed/unsigned int. Use symbolic constants for specific values (Body::ID_NONE instead of -1, for example)
  4. [DONE] Get rid of all warnings when compiling with recent gcc with -Wall
  5. [DONE] move old website on berlios to wiki here
  6. [DONE] move http://beta.arcig.cz/~eudoxos/phd/index.cgi/YaDe/CodingHowTo to some appropriate place here. It should be up to date as it is now.
  7. [DONE] completely delete ErrorTolerant from rigind body. Oliver will never finish that. And by this way rigid body will be working again
  8. [DONE if you have just one simulation at a time] the timestep must be correctly set when loading on GUI