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Particle size distribution

See Periodic triaxial test and examples/test/

New law

Convert python 2 scripts to python 3

Below is a non-exhaustive list of common things to do to convert your scripts to python 3.


  • print ... becomes print(...),
  • myDict.iterkeys(), myDict.itervalues(), myDict.iteritems() becomes myDict.keys(), myDict.values(), myDict.items(),
  • import cPickle becomes import pickle,
  • `` and <> operators are no longer recognized,
  • inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation is prohibited, for this reason all scripts in yade use tabs for indentation.

Should be checked, but not always mandatory:

  • (euclidian) division of two integers: i1/i2 becomes i1//i2,
  • myDict.keys(), myDict.values(), myDict.items() becomes sometimes list(myDict.keys()), list(myDict.values()), list(myDict.items()) (depending on your usage),
  • map(), filter(), zip() becomes sometimes list(map()), list(filter()), list(zip()) (depending on your usage),
  • string encoding is now UTF8 everywhere, it may cause problems on user inputs/outputs (keyboard, file…) with special chars.


  • # encoding: utf-8 no longer needed