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Lattice specimen sample.png

A PhD done by one of yade's authors was to develop a Lattice Geometrical Model to simulate fracturing process of concrete and possibly other materials.

you can watch some a video with this model too.

Effect of aggregates – three phases 2D / 3D

Below is the effect of aggregates in 2D and 3D on the stress train curve, using:

  • 25% (first column) and 50% (second column) of aggregate area (2D) or volume (3D) in the specimen
  • 2D result (first row) and 3D result (second row)
  • using the sieve curve shown on the right

Effect of aggregates 2D and 3D.png

Nooru-Mohamed test

Below is a propagation of curved crack in three phase material, 2D in a Nooru-Mohamed experiment. First picture is the experimental result, others are from numerical simulation using Lattice Geometrical Model.

Nooru mohamed experimental.png Nooru mohamed 1.png Nooru mohamed 2.png Scr lgm thumb.png