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Gravity 20k.png

20 000 spheres of random size between 8 and 12mm are packed inside a small box 40 by 40 by 15cm and are subject to gravity test. This screenshot is a part of PhD work that studies damping effectes and energy dissipation of sand. Computations are performed using old and tested SDEC program ( 10 years of testing ) and are compared with its yade reimplementation.


27 000 spheres were generated inside a cubical region with some random displacement, and dropped in a gravity field, to form a sandpile. This test was performed to test speed of yade calculations. Screenshot above was done after 12 hours of calculations. 27k spheres pile.png


Small tests involving less than 1000 of spheres can be observed in realtime on computer screen, like the test on screenshots above. Similarily to the Speed Test, a cubical region was filled with spheres then subjceted to gravity. Graph in cyan rectangle on the screenshot is FPS rate (speed of calculation) in Hz, and varies from 70Hz (faster than realtime) to 2Hz (much slower than realtime).

Realtime before fall.png Realtime fallen spheres.png