New:Porting QGLViewer to kubuntu

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NOTE: Information on this page is outdated.

  • First - qglviewer source is integrated in yade
  • Second - there is package qglviewer in ubuntu available

NOTE: Do not install qglviewer with your package manager (adept, synaptics) because there are two different packages (written by different authors) that have the same name. Consequently libqglviewer upon adding to debian will be renamed to a different name: lib3dviewer.

QGLViewer is currently not included in kubuntu distribution so to install it we have to build our own package from source (in ubuntu installation steps are quite similar). We will make a port of this package from package prepared for sid. You have to open adept (or synaptic if using ubuntu), and in "Manage Repositories" you have to add following line:

deb-src ./

Click "Add", "Apply", "Close", then click "Fetch Updates" so that adept will know that there is a source of a new package qglviewer available.

Alternatively you can use a text editor, and add this line to file /etc/apt/sources.list, and do 'aptitude update'.

Make sure that this line is added and updates are checked, otherwise commands below will not work at all.

Now open a terminal (K->System->konsole) and type following:

apt-get source lib3dviewer
sudo apt-get build-dep lib3dviewer

Now edit the file lib3dviewer-2.2.2-3/debian/control and replace string "xlibmesa-gl-dev" with "mesa-common-dev". It's on the line "Depends:" at the end of line. To edit a file you can for example use 'kate' editor. When this correction is made do the following:

cd lib3dviewer-2.2.2-3/
fakeroot debian/rules binary
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i *deb

Now QGLViewer is installed. And yade will work.