Launchpad Migration

From Yade

Due to technical problems at, we decided to move over to The migration will be done in a few phases:

  1. Migrate mailing lists
  2. Migrate svn to launchpad (either svn, if that is supported, or switch to bzr)
  3. Move all other stuff from

How to subscribe to mailing lists groups people in "teams". Every team has its own mailing lists and you can be member of multiple teams. We created the following teams:

Clicking subscribe will make you to:

  1. register with your email address (under Not registered yet? query), a confirmation email will be sent
  2. click on link from the email
  3. then make sure to check the checkbox "Subscribe me to this team's mailing list" is checked and click "Join"

Instructions below are for Yade-dev only

SVN committers

You must register your SVN commit e-mail at launchpad:

  • Go there:
    • (where username is your login on LAUNCHPAD)
  • Add your email address like this:
    • (where username is your login on BERLIOS SVN)
  • Finish the process with the confirmation email that you will receive. You will get a confirmation email sent to your email address on That's an important part. You probably think that you have no such email address? The truth is that all emails sent to this address will go to your email address which you used to register at berlios.

Otherwise, your commit logs will not get through to the list. And all YADE developers will be rightfully upset.

For example, I have account and I went to to register it.

SVN commits

The svn commit logs are sent to yade-dev. To filter them you can use the Return-path: <>, or filter based on subject line which always contains [Yade-dev] [svn]