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If you have more experience than me with Gentoo, please edit as appropriate.

make sure you have USE="threads" in /etc/make.conf
emerge dev-python/scientificpython dev-util/subversion dev-util/scons dev-libs/boost dev-libs/log4cxx

If it does not conflict with media-libs/freeglut: emerge media-libs/glut

Optionally you might want to install the wildmagic 3 library, which can be used by Lattice Geometrical Model. But is not absolutely necassary (used only for Delaunay mesh generation method in lattice model).

scons PREFIX=/home/username/YADE optimize=1

to start compilation and installation to /home/username (installs to /usr/local by default).


If you get an error:

GL/freeglut_ext.h: No such file or directory

You have to replace file glut with freeglut.