Installation of yade on Fedora

From Yade

Latest development version from sources

Sources can be downloaded using Bazaar. Check this short tutorial.

After downloading the sources you'll have to install a number of packages. Some are optional, others are not.

Cut&paste the following commands to terminal

yum install scons qt3-devel freeglut-devel boost-devel boost-date-time \
boost-filesystem boost-thread boost-regex fakeroot gcc gcc-c++ boost-iostreams \
log4cxx log4cxx-devel python-devel boost-python ipython python-matplotlib \
sqlite-devel python-numeric ScientificPython-tk gnuplot doxygen gts-devel \
graphviz-python vtk-devel ScientificPython bzr eigen2-devel libQGLViewer-devel \
loki-lib-devel python-xlib PyQt4 PyQt4-devel