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Google Summer of Code 2011

This page lists intial ideas about possible topics for Google Summer of Code, if Yade applies for that.


  • Packaging and porting (rpm packages, Windows build, buildbots)
  • Improve the build system ()

Correctness and performance

  • Grid collider, including sub-domains
  • Multi-core optimizations
  • Testing suite for contact laws (incl. dissipated energy, cyclic loading)


  • Integration with paraview (streaming data during the simulation? Python scripts for loading all simulation data at once)
  • Ssh server (adapted shellinabox) to connect to the instance, with ipython inside.
  • Make SnapshotEngine safe; create videos including 3d (loaded from pdf/png) and matplotlib plots in one figure; make yade.plot use numpy.array, use simple expressions in plot specifications; off-screen rendering (with either qglviewer or vtk) for batch simulations.


  • Topology information for single-multi and multi-multi interactions (continuous surfaces, volumetric interactions of tetrahedra meshes and such)
  • Define local coordinates for all interactions