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  • Cleanups: remove the old syntax StandAloneEngine('NewtonsDampedLaw',{'damping':0.3}) (although it still works), replace by NewtonsDampedLaw(damping=0.3).
  • Many scripts are really small test scripts for a particular feature (especially in scripts/test); they can still be useful.

Typical tasks for which we do/should have examples

Imagine typical tasks that are done in DEM modeling (can be complicated). Mark which exists, if they are OK or not, whic hneed to be created from scratch.

  • examples/concrete will have uniaxial tension/compression test, confined compression test. Poisson's ratio measurement and more for ConcretePM. (I will commit that --eudoxos 16:40, 11 July 2009 (UTC) )
  • good (and nice!) examples of different sphere packing:
    • very serious man is packed of different spheres regular-sphere-pack.py
    • 2 nice horses are created of spheres and facets gts-horse.py
    • triaxial packing (in GTS triangulation)
  • ...

Confusing/incomplete/non-functional/... examples in trunk

  • ...