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'''Version handling'''
'''Version handling'''
* [[Yade_on_github | Quick tutorial for Git/GitHub]]
* [https://yade-dem.org/doc/github.html Quick tutorial for Git/GitHub]
* [[Tracking_changes_using_kompare | Tracking changes using kompare]]
* [[Tracking_changes_using_kompare | Tracking changes using kompare]]

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This is Yades's wiki, check the project's HOMEPAGE

Yade is an extensible open-source framework for discrete numerical models, focused on Discrete Element Method. The project started as an offspring from SDEC at Grenoble University, now is being developed at multiple research institutes and has active and helpful user community.

The computation parts are written in c++ using flexible object model, allowing independent implementation of new alogrithms, interfaces with other software packages (e.g. flow simulation), data import/export routines. Python can be used to create and manipulate the simulation or for postprocessing.

  • This wiki is a general introduction and overview of Yade and its features. It also gives a quick tour of installation and usage (for more details, see manuals and reference documentation).

Announcement for the first Yade Workshop, Grenoble July 2014

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