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See authors and contributors page for some information about us.

Asking questions

Please don't send questions directly by email to individuals (unless you're willing to offer a significant reward) or to yade-users mailing list (see below).

Instead, use the "Answer" tool provided by launchpad, which helps sorting questions and answers. Once, a question is asked there, you will still receive answers in your mailbox, and you can "reply" to them with your email client. When the question is answered please mark it as such in the launchpad interface.

Please subscribe before sending any questions, otherwise your question will be automatically filtered out.

If you are not familiar with programming oriented forums, you may learn a few tips in our "how to ask questions" page.

Mailing Lists

The YADE community also uses for other purposes two mailing lists. For each mailing list, please start new discussion writing from scratch a new email instead of replying to an older, unlinked, email of the list (in order to not break the thread).

Intended for general user discussions about YADE, or also development announcements.

For YADE developers discussions about design, compilation, packaging, and design (again).

NOTE: Maximum attachment size that goes through without moderator approval is 40kb. Bigger attachments must wait (from few hours to few days) until they get approved.

Bug tracker

Bug tracker is available here You are welcome to use it when you think you've found a bug.