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*'''Jerome Duriez''', PhD
*'''Jerome Duriez''', PhD
**''From:'' [http://3sr.hmg.inpg.fr/3sr/ Lab 3SR]
**''From:'' [http://3sr.hmg.inpg.fr/3sr/ Lab 3SR UJF Grenoble]
**''Focus:'' Mechanical behaviour of rock joints
**''Focus:'' Mechanical behaviour of rock joints
**''Also:'' Rock slopes stability
**''Also:'' Rock slopes stability

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Yade developers

Listed by number of commits, as in last (12/2010) updated list of contributors for "copyright" file (*).

A daily-updated list can be found at ohloh.

Vaclav Smilauer-photo2.png
Janek Kozicki.png
  • Bruno Chareyre, Assistant professor
    • From: Lab 3SR - Grenoble INP
    • Focus: DEM modelling in geomechanics, solid-fluid couplings, micromechanics
    • Also: Quasi-static behaviour, shear tests, cohesive contacts, wires and membranes.
Ant gl.JPG
  • Anton Gladky, PhD
    • From: TU Bergakademie Freiberg
    • Focus: DEM modeling of mining rocks
    • Also: Mineral processing
  • Sergei Dorofeenko, PhD
    • From: IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka
    • Focus: DEM modelling of a granular flows.
    • Also: DEM-CFD coupling, simulation of a multiphase flows with chemical reactions
  • Jerome Duriez, PhD
  • Vincent Richefeu, Assistant professor
  • Chiara Modenese, PhD student
    • From: University of Oxford
    • Focus: DEM modelling of lunar soil
    • Also: Cohesive powders, contact mechanics, triaxial tests.
  • Boon Chiaweng, ?
    • From: [University of Oxford]
    • Focus: ?
    • Also:  ?
  • Emanuele Catalano, PhD
    • From: Lab 3SR - Grenoble INP
    • Focus: Solid-fluid coupling in saturated soils
    • Also: Unsaturated slopes stability
  • Luc Scholtès, Post-Doctoral Fellow
    • From: CSIRO
    • Focus: Failure Mechanisms in Fractured Rocks
    • Also: Scale Effects, Erosion Phenomena and Capillary Effects in Granular Media.
  • Jan Stránský, PhD
  • Luc Sibille, Assistant professor
    • From: [University of Nantes]
    • Focus: ?
    • Also:  ?
  • Feng Chen, Geotechnical Engineer, PhD
    • From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • Focus: Fluid-Particle coupling using OpenFOAM-YADE
    • Also: Finite Volume Method, Finite Element Method, Parallel DEM

(*) With an exception for Olivier Galizzi, who commited a lot in early days of Yade but left development very soon after. he is listed in "Founders" below.

IT Support

  • Rémi Cailletaud, IT Engineer


Frederic Victor Donze.jpg
Olivier Galizzi.png
  • Olivier Galizzi, 2 retired PhD student
    • From: EVASION / GRAVIR - IMAG, Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in Grenoble
    • Contribution: Started yade project, QT, openGL, plugin handling, documentation, then abadoned yade.
Janek Kozicki.png



Felix Darve.jpg
  • Félix Darve, Professor
    • From: Lab 3SR - INP Grenoble
    • Contribution: provided funding for our project from various european research programs
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12/2010 updated list of contributors for "copyright" file

  • Václav Šmilauer <eu_at_doxos.eu>
  • Olivier Galizzi <olivier.galizzi_at_imag.fr>
  • Janek Kozicki <cosurgi_at_gmail.com>
  • Bruno Chareyre <bruno.chareyre_at_hmg.inpg.fr>
  • Anton Gladky <gladky.anton_at_gmail.com>
  • Sergei Dorofeenko <dorofeenko_at_icp.ac.ru>
  • Jerome Duriez <duriez_at_geo.hmg.inpg.fr>
  • Vincent Richefeu <richefeu_at_gmail.com>
  • Chiara Modenese <c.modenese_at_gmail.com>
  • Boon Chiaweng <booncw_at_hotmail.com>
  • Emanuele Catalano <catalano_at_hmg.inpg.fr>
  • Luc Scholtes <lscholtes63_at_gmail.com>
  • Jan Stránský <_honzik_at_centrum.cz>
  • Luc Sibille <luc.sibille_at_univ-nantes.fr>
  • Feng Chen <fchen3_at_utk.edu>