Version Numbering

From Yade

Yade revisions are numbered using three-number scheme x.y.z or optionally x.y.z.r, where:

x - release number,
y - major revision number,
z - minor revision number,
r - optional number of subversion revision.

For example, yade 0.1.3 is:

0 - not released yet,
1 - first major revision,
3 - third minor revision.

Minor revision

Minor revision number is incremented when small changes and bugfixes to the code are done.

Major revision

Major revision number is incremented each time when:

  • a new simulation method is added (like FEM, or Tetrahedron Discrete Model),
  • coupling between two of them is added,
  • noticeable GUI improvement is done,
  • big change in directory structure is done - like splitting code to separate packeges,
  • redesign of significant importance happens.

Incrementing major revision number is independent from release number.


Release happens when we meet the schedule. Before that we are still in beta.