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From Yade

New to linux?

Congratulations with your shiny new kubuntu box! :) Now that you have everything installed you are ready to go and install yade.

First you can try current release, then later if you are curious about what is currently being developed, you can try subversion. Bear in mind however that yade from subversion may sometimes not work - so if you stumble at such problem please let us know.

You can also install some other interesting packages, like:

  • kdesvn, rapidsvn, subversion
  • kdevelop,
  • valgrind,
  • kcachegrind,
  • alleyoop,
  • and anything else...

Mailing lists

After all this tutorial we strongly encourage you to subscribe to our mailing lists. Then you will recieve help form other users about working with yade, and also announcements about new releases.