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To use yade it is recommended to have a 3D acceleration working . Albeit not absolutely necessary.

Note: this page is obsolete, since yade works with any OpenGL-capable graphics card. Refer to your distribution handbooks if you have problems.

Installing nvidia drivers

Now with kubuntu freshly installed we have to install graphics drivers beacuse Yade is using OpenGL to display 3D graphics. This currently works correctly only with NVidia graphic cards (those cards have usually GeForce in their name), and it is usually buggy with ATI graphic cards (those have usually Radeon in their name). So if you have an ATI Radeon graphic card, then skip this section (you should have bought nvidia ;).

First, verify that you don't have hardware acceleration yet, open K->System->KInfoCenter, and click OpenGL. You should see there written "Renderer: Mesa GLX Indirect".

So now start K->System->Adept, in the search box (upper left corner) type 'nvidia', you will see relevant packages listed. Install package nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-common (by clicking "Request Install", and then "Apply Changes"). If you have an older nvidia card, then you should use nvidia-glx-legacy instead (it is written in the description of the package what cards are considered older).

Make sure that the latest version of linux-restriced-modules-*-386 is installed (and install it, if it's not) - you will be able to do that only if in previous step you have replaced "main" with "main restricted" in dapper-security. But it should be done automatically in previous step, when doing "Full upgrade".

If you carefully read the description of nvidia-glx package you will see that you have to start K->System->Konsole, and type there this command:

sudo nvidia-glx-config enable

this command sometimes may fail, then do what is below, and execute above command again:

sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.OLD
md5sum /etc/X11/xorg.conf | sudo tee /var/lib/x11/xorg.conf.md5sum

When nvidia-glx-config enable was sucessfull, you now have to exectue this command:


You can now restart your computer, and nvidia drivers will work. You will see a big nvidia logo when the graphics starts.

Installing ati drivers

Actually there are ati drivers in kubuntu, I haven't ever tried them, but I heard that they work with some ATI cards. You can try to install them in a similar way to that one described above. You will have to search for "fglrx" in the search box, instead of "nvidia". The package you need is xorg-driver-fglrx. I don't use ATI so I don't know more about running it, but you should be able to find something with google if you have problems. I'll be glad to put here a description about how to install ati drivers, so if you were succesfull, please write your description here.

Confirming 3D hardware acceleration

You can now open K->System->KInfoCenter and look into OpenGL section. You chould see that "Renderer" string has changed - it's now the name of your graphics card.

Alternatively you can type in the terminal (konsole):

glxinfo | grep render

And the answer should be:

direct rendering: Yes

Small program glxgears should work, try running it from the terminal